Single & Multi-Location Wholesale Operations

Order Management


Inventory Management

Manufacturing With Sub-Contractors / Repair Mgmt


Invoicing With Full-Fledged Financial Accounting.


Business Process

  • The software has multiple and dynamic facility for defining pricing rules.
  • It has the simplified version for pre-configured pricing which covers all aspects of jewellery wholesaling.
  • Pricing has flexibility to work with retailers on different pricing structures.
  • Dynamic pricing can be achieved through “Formula Builder: allowing the business owner to change and implement pricing strategies with no dependency on the vendor.
  • Masters for jewellery wholesaling is the heart of the system and the business too.
  • The wholesale software allows the most complex definitions of every bill of material extending to 100's of rows.
  • At the same time the software is capable of handling single line bill of material definition.
  • The system allows multiple images and even videos to be attached to master definition so that cataloguing from masters or stock is available at a click.
  • Definition of attributes is available at a click for the most simple and the most complicated scenarios.
  • Different types of orders can be made such as sales order , repair order , stock order to bifurcate the order type for purpose of analysis.
  • The order can be booked by showing the complete masters catalogue or even taking up the design suggested by the client.
  • Purchase order can be created automatically or manually.
  • Verification of purchase order can be done to ensure that goods are procured reliably but in a controlled environment.
  • Jewellery Wholesaling Software (S.E.A) Allows Procurement Of:
    • Raw material like gold, silver, stones.
    • Dual unit of measurement is supported for stones (carats and pieces).
    • Semifinished products like mountings.
    • Finished goods like jewellery , findings.
  • Barcode and the latest RFID tags work seamlessly with the system.
  • Stock take based on barcode or RFID works with a click and variances are pointed out by the system.
  • Re-pricing in the system doesn't warrant change of physical bar codes and new prices are automatically fetched when the barcode is read/scanned.
  • Barcodes can be scanned from a handheld scanner/ pads/ smart phones.
  • The system allows process wise outsourced manufacturing.
  • In outsourced manufacturing provision of linking and tracking it with the order is possible.
  • Job worker/contractor wise allowable wastage is defined and is tracked for settlement of material.
  • The system is dynamic to allow subcontractor wise process wise standard labour payable.
  • With all the scenarios system also provides the simplified tracking in bulk issue/ receipt along-with a real time running ledger.
  • Repair management, is fully covered in the jewellery wholesale software (S.E.A).
  • The software is fully capable to calculate labour / metal any other material used for doing the repair.
  • The user has the choice of charging for the material and labour or giving it for free as may be the policy.
  • Complete tracking of repair order with status is available at a click.
  • The software provides multi-branch / multi-location facility.
  • Stocks can be transferred between locations giving real-time effect.
  • Any sales in one location are reflected in real time in the other location too.
  • Location wise profit and loss is achievable.
  • Consolidation is available at a click.
  • The software has a very robust inbuilt validation to ensure every piece, cent or gram is traceable in the system.
  • System supports weighted average as the standard valuation mechanism.
  • Be it location wise inventory, specific bar code or a consolidated picture of complete inventory, the same is available at a click.
  • Customer goods are handled with ease and traceable right across the system.
  • Wholesaling software comes with built-in financial accounting.
  • All the rules of approval are defined in the back office.
  • Financial accounting has branch accounting too.
  • Perpetual posting of entries is facilitated in the system.
  • Profit and loss with balance sheets are drill down-able.
  • The software provides for correct payables and receivables at any point in real time.
  • The ledgers are possible in multiple currencies.
  • The metal balances, adjustment against metal are all available on demand in real time with a click.

All In One

Jewellery Wholesaling Software Can Take Care Of

Gold Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery


Silver Artefacts



Nose Pins


Gift Items like Perfumes.

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