Single & multi branch retailing

Built in CRM

Busy backs/old gold/exchange schemes

Customer Loyalty

Invoicing with full fledged financial accounting

Repair Manangement


Manufacturing with sub-contracters

Order Management

Business Process


  • The software's engaging model starts right from the moment a walk in happens at the store.
  • The system being touch screen / kiosk friendly allows a customer to select a piece with all search
  • Once the physical piece is chosen by the customer, estimation slip can be printed from any device
    ( ipads/ computers ) giving the price with/ without break up as per the business practice.
  • The billing process in the software is seamless, fast and extremely simple to execute.
  • The simple jewellery billing process does take care of all the complex scenarios.
    • Gold rate of the day if the business is run as per daily gold rate.
    • Customer goods credit to be accounted for if any.
    • Sales return to be accounted if applicable.
    • Perpetual updation of customer loyalty points once billed.
    • Advance payments.
    • Buy back credits.
    • Multi modes of payments with multi currency support.
  • The entire billing process after selection can be accomplished in a minute for an existing customer profile and within one and half minutes for a new customer profile.
  • The digitally signed copy of the invoice is automatically mailed to the customer instantaneously.
  • Customer retention is one of the prime areas for a retailing scenario.
  • The jewellery retail application comes with a built in customer loyalty management.
  • The versatile but simple customer loyalty allows a customer to check in on the number of points accumulated.
  • At the time of billing the system allows the customer to redeem the points.
  • Rewards of shopping in form of points are added to the customer profile with a click of button perpetually.
  • The more one shops the more are the rewards as the customer is automatically upgraded to higher levels.
  • The redemption and billing can happen simultaneously on the same counter giving an experience of ease to the customer.
  • S.E.A. keeps up being the back bone of adding the wow experience in jewellery retailing.
  • Customer relationship management has always been an integral part for customer experience and retention.
  • The retail front end starts with the basics right from the day a customer profile is created with details of important events like birthdays, anniversaries getting captured.
  • The software proactively sends reminders to the customer care department about upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries of customers.
  • This also allows customised offers to be made to the customers with special discounts on their special days.
  • The system allows the user to group family members together so that the required analysis and offers can be made on this grouping.
  • Customer specific transactions are available at one click so that the buying pattern/ all customer queries can be answered immediately.
  • S.E.A. helps connect to the customer at the right time with the right data.
  • Proactive action is the key for any retail business.
  • The retail jewellery software allows capturing and soliciting sales too.
  • Any walk-ins are duly captured with their respective requirement/ interest in the jewellery.
  • The follow up dates against respective sales persons are captured.
  • The system proactively alerts the sales person and the store manager about the due and overdue follow-ups.
  • At the end of the month a summary is shown by the system about the wins and losses of every sales person.
  • S.E.A. helps in analysing the sales perons performance and proactively work on improving sales.
  • Jewellery retail always comes with its own set of assurances to a consumer.
  • The system is capable of tracking and giving visibility with transparency for of exchange of items as per the business scenario. Exchanges can be life time or a defined period with an exchange percentage.
  • Buy backs are fully supported by the system with complete visibility and transparency on value and weight of goods.
  • The system is fully geared up to facilitate old gold purchase and transparently share the estimated price as per the valuation.
  • All the above scenarios in the system allow respective credit to the customer thus allowing them to upgrade and purchase new goods with ease.
  • S.E.A. here also keeps upto the complex jewellery scenarios by keeping upto the customer centric view of "never say no".
  • The retail software allows and simplifies the process of made to order (be-spoke) jewellery .
  • The order can be booked by showing the complete masters catalogue or even taking up the design suggested by the customer.
  • Orders being taken can be validated with a fixed percentage advance being made mandatory.
  • The order tracking mechanism is fully traceable.The customer can be engaged with images of their piece being sent in the email at various stages of production.
  • Once the piece is ready the customer receives sms and an email requesting to pick up the jewellery.
  • S.E.A. proactively engages a customer by aiding is selection and the process of receiving the finished piece.
  • Repair management, be it small or big is fully covered in the jewellery retail software (S.E.A).
  • The software is fully capable to calculate labour / metal any other material used for doing the repair.
  • The user/ business house has the choice of charging for the material and labour or giving it for free as may be the policy.
  • Complete tracking of repair order with status is available at a click.
  • Once repair is complete system would send an sms with an email too to the customer to pick up the piece continuing with the spirit of wow retailing experience for the end user.
  • Special orders are for special occasions and the system books it simply with a layaway.
  • It provides for advances/deposits being taken with or without order references.
  • The deposits can be later linked to the orders or even delinked from an existing order to another order.
  • The software provides for correct payables and receivables at any point in real time.
  • The ledgers are possible in multiple currencies.
  • The metal balances , adjustment against metal are all available on demand in real time with a click.

Back Office

  • The software has multiple and dynamic facility for defining pricing rules.
  • It has the simplified version for pre configured pricing which covers all aspects of jewellery retailing.
  • System provides for more complex " do it yourself " pricing strategy as well.
  • Pricing has flexibility to work with retailers of mrp based selling or even daily gold rate based pricing.
  • Pricing rules are empowered through the robust engine of formula builder which is a simplified wizard based approach to define prices and the respective dependent criteria.
  • The dynamic jewellery retail industry requires a dynamic software with dynamic pricing allowing the business houses to change and implement pricing strategies overnight with zero dependency on the vendor.
  • Jewellery retailing software (s.E.A) achieves all in the most simplified fashion on the cloud.
  • Masters for the jewellery retailing is the heart for the system and the business too.
  • The retail software allows the most complex definitions of every bill of material extending to 100's of rows.
  • At the same time the software is capable of handling single line bill of material definition.
  • The system allows multiple images and even videos to be attached to master definition so that cataloguing from masters or stock is available at a click.
  • Definition of attributes is available at a click for the most simple and the most complicated scenarios.
  • Jewellery retaling software keeps up to the scalability of defining simple jewellery items to the most complex ones.
  • Purchase of items with system assisted artificial intelligence is always a winner in retail.
  • The software provides for purchasing what is needed and what is selling.
  • The simplified robustness of the system allows verification at the right stage so that goods are procured reliably but in a controlled environment.
  • Jewellery retailinging software (s.E.A) allows procurement of :
    • Raw material like gold, silver, stones.
    • Dual unit of measurement is supported for stones (carats and pieces).
    • All other ancillary items like gift or packaging.
    • Bulk buying options is duly supported.
    • Facility to create masters at the time of procurement.
  • Simple, extensive, secured and controlled is the way to go for procurement duly fulfilled by S.E.A. on the cloud.
  • Uniqueness of every piece is the key to jewellery retailing.
  • Barcode and the latest rfid tags work seamlessly with the system.
  • Stock take based on barcode or rfid works with a click and variances are pointed out by the system.
  • Repricing in the system doesn't warrant change of physical bar codes and new prices are automatically fetched when the barcode is read/scanned.
  • Barcodes can be scanned from a handheld scanner/ pads/ smart phones.
  • Jewellery retail software (s.E.A) achieves the basic fundamental of anytime/ anywhere/ any device by seamlessly scanning and billing the jewellery piece right from the comfort of a tablet.
  • S.E.A. proves out to be the system which is digitally and technically superior in its breed.
  • Controlled and informed production cycle is desired by every retailer.
  • The system allows process wise outsourced/ in house manufacturing.
  • In outsourced manufacturing provision of linking and tracking it with the order is possible.
  • Jobworker/contracter wise allowable wastage is defined and is tracked for settlement of material.
  • The system is dynamic to allow subcontractor wise process wise standard labour payable.
  • With all the above complex scenarios system also provides the simplified tracking in bulk issue/ receipt along-with a real time running ledger.
  • Right from tracking every diamond set in a piece of jewellery to the respective sub contractor to even getting a ball park traceability all is achievable in the software.
  • Jewellery retailing software adheres to simplified production process or detailed complex production processes thus catering to every type of jewellery business house.
  • Enticing schemes and are the backbone of retaining customers.
  • In the back office the system allows the designated users to define schemes for gold savings.
  • The saving schemes can be of multiple types or users can use a preconfigured setup of schemes.
  • The schemes are seamlessly integrated with pos, billing and financial accounting.
  • Every money saved is money earned , the saving schemes supported by S.E.A. adheres and facilitates the same.
  • System/ software should never be a deterrent for expansion in jewellery retailing.
  • The software provides multi branch / multi location facility.
  • Stocks can be transferred between locations giving real time effect.
  • Any sales in one location is reflected in real time in the other location too.
  • Gift vouchers redeemed in one location are immediately invalidated the very next moment for any further redemptions in any other location.
  • Location wise profit and loss is achievable.
  • Its a customer's delight to be able select a jewellery in one location and take the delivery in another location in a seamless manner.
  • Consolidation is available at a click.
  • Seamless businesses across geographies on the cloud always on S.E.A.
  • The software has a very robust inbuilt validation to ensure very piece, cent , gram is traceable in the system.
  • System supports weighted average as the standard valuation mechanism.
  • Be it location wise inventory, specific bar code or a consolidated picture of complete inventory , the same is available at a click.
  • Customer goods are handled with ease and traceable right across the system.

Jewellery Retailing Software Can Take Care of

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Synergics’ ERP Softwares ranges from Jewellery ERP Suites, Stones ERP Suites to Crew Management as well as Rice Mill Management. It improves productivity as well as the profitability of the jewellery businesses. It does so by providing accurate tracking of all business transactions, comparing periodical data providing information necessary to control costs, improve customer services and generate higher profit. Our Jewellery ERP Suite and Stones ERP Suite is specifically designed to provide maximum control on diamonds and colour stones inventory. The strong security features permit view only to authorized personnel. Synergics’ ERP Suites are ready-to-use as well as customizable to meet the unique needs of the jewellery industry. The Rice Mill Management software provides 360 degree solutions to organizations with a precise production plan to the selling and distributing of products. It is one of the world’s most comprehensive ERP suites and our clientele are a testament to our success in this field.