Care is a pioneer in the rating mechanism for SME's. The agency truly and transparently judges SME's as per the ground realities of the country. Synergics has been rated by Care as SME 3 which is interpreted as "Above Average" as compared to SME's of similar size. This in turn speaks volumes about the stability of a company built from scratch.

Synergics stands tall today with its accomplishments
  • An ethically profit making
    organisation for more
    than decade.
  • 100% internally funded.
  • Zero debt company
  • Dedicated CSR activity


Synergics is proudly
associated with Oracle.


It is also certified for Oracle Proprietary hosting services.


Synergics is listed as an ISV for
product range and services.


Synergics is SOC 2 Type II certified for its software, implementation and data centre services.


  • The service organization control (SOC) 2 Type II examination demonstrates that an independent accounting and auditing firm has reviewed and examined an organization’s control objectives and activities and tested those controls to ensure that they are operating effectively SOC 2 is based on policies, communications, procedures and monitoring. The specific trust service principles must be met in order to successfully achieve certification.


    The System has controls in place
    to protect against unauthorized
    access (both physical and logical).


    The System is available for
    operation and use as
    committed or agreed.


    Personal Information is collected,
    used, retained and disclosed in
    accordance and with the operation’s
    privacy notice and principles as
    per the norms of certification.


    Information that is designated as
    “confidential” by a user is protected.


    System Processing is complete,
    accurate, timely and authorized.

  • Applications and software developed by a SOC 2 certified organization must be developed following audited processes and controls. This helps ensure that applications and code are developed, reviewed, tested and released following the best principles in line with the certification.
  • The result is an application that has been developed under an audited processes and controls to help ensure the highest level of trust and security.
  • Type II certification consists of a thorough examination by a third party firm of an organization’s internal control policies and practices over a specified period of time. The period of time is typically six months to one year. this independent review ensures that the organization meets the stringent requirements set forth. When trusting an application with highly sensitive and confidential information, such as passwords, documents and secure images, obtaining high level certification is imperative.
  • The Type II report is issued to organizations that have audited controls in place and the effectiveness of the controls have been audited over a specified period of time. The Type I report is preliminary to the Type II report and is based on the ability to test and report on design. Type I reports are issued to organizations that have audited controls in place but have not yet audited the effectiveness of the controls over a period of time.
  • Synergics assures peace of mind to all its customers by ensuring the best controlled processes for development and deployment.
Synergics’ ERP Softwares ranges from Jewellery ERP Suites, Stones ERP Suites to Crew Management as well as Rice Mill Management. It improves productivity as well as the profitability of the jewellery businesses. It does so by providing accurate tracking of all business transactions, comparing periodical data providing information necessary to control costs, improve customer services and generate higher profit. Our Jewellery ERP Suite and Stones ERP Suite is specifically designed to provide maximum control on diamonds and colour stones inventory. The strong security features permit view only to authorized personnel. Synergics’ ERP Suites are ready-to-use as well as customizable to meet the unique needs of the jewellery industry. The Rice Mill Management software provides 360 degree solutions to organizations with a precise production plan to the selling and distributing of products. It is one of the world’s most comprehensive ERP suites and our clientele are a testament to our success in this field.