End-to-end business processes covered right from purchase, mfg to sales

State of the art cloud based work flow driven system with hierarchical approvals

driven controlled

Complete tracking of
production by products
like husk and rice bran

Supports seamless
multi location
mills/ warehouses

Yield analysis based on vendor, raw material and other parameters to ascertain the best profitability

Complete tracking
of manufacturing

Integrated financial
accounting for
complete peace of mind

information from

User friendly
software thus
easy to adapt

User wise
and dashboard

alerts and mis
through email or sms

Business Process

  • Right purchase is the key to the right yield and the right product.
  • The software supports purchase of all types.
  • Purchase has an extended app given to the agents in mandi allowing them to send the quantity and rate for approval to the company.
  • Purchase has built in approval hierarchy.
  • Quality checks as per company parameters are performed and recorded for every lot of raw materials ( paady incase of rice).
  • Process of sampling is duly supported.
  • Once purchase order is placed ,the vendors have provision to inform the company about the truck details for incoming goods. This in turn is very helpful for controlled inward movement.
  • The software supports purchase of all other items too :
    • Rubber roll.
    • Packaging material.
  • The software automates the production process seamlessly capturing the inputs and output of machines with minimal human interference.
  • Process:
    • Following are the processes which are standard across items.
    • The software is scalable and flexible to allow skipping of certain processes, which are skipped to derive a particular variety of items.
  • Batch creation:
    • This process is to define the batch size(quantity) , desired output( rice type ) and input ( paddy type). At any point of time only batch runs till its completion.
    • Next batch starts only once the current batch is fully accomplished.
    • Complete batch tracking is available at a click.
  • Paddy stack selection:
    • Stack based on quality are marked in the software.
    • Depending on the output of qc results the respective stacks are suggested by the software for the paddy.
  • Paddy loading :
    • The paddy from the specified stack is loaded in the truck with due weight process being followed thus technically giving the exact weight of the paddy loaded from the stack to the truck.
    • This in turn is compared to the original stack weight to get the loss incurred if any because of natural losses.
  • Issued to silo :
    • A log is maintained wherein all the trucks loaded are unloaded and it is assumed that the paddy is put in the silo.
    • At any point.
  • Par boiling log sheet :
    • The log sheet of these sub processes are maintained with in time, out time, temperature maintained , moisture and percentage.
    • Here a guideline parameter is derived in the software for all the combinations so that the variation is duly captured.
    • This is helpful when final yield is achieved so that the best results is marked by the system for further benchmarking.
  • Steaming.
  • Soaking.
  • Drying: a log sheet on hourly basis is again maintained with the following details :
    • Dryer number.
    • Loading in time.
    • Soaking tank number.
    • Hot water temperature.
    • Steam pressure.
    • Steam temperature.
  • Once drying is accomplished than final padding moisture is logged.
  • QC :
    • There is provision to record QC results of random lots and the same is noted.
    • Once done the system accumulates all results and calculates the yield.
    • By products like bran and husk are also accounted for to know the total yield.
    • This however is cumulative in nature so the yield is generally restricted with consideration of wand and other types of rice.
  • The summarised processes which are covered in the system are :
    • Hoodi Cutting.
    • Parboiling.
    • Dehusking.
    • Destoner.
    • Rice Cleaner.
    • Polishing.
    • Bran Analysis.
    • Assortment and Grading.
    • Drying.
  • The system has provision for complete inventory management and tracking of :
    • Raw materials : paddy with its different types.
    • Materials which are in W.I.P.
    • Finished goods rice with their different variants.
    • All ancillary items like rubber roll and packaging material.
    • The system follows fifo as the valuation methodology/ principle.
  • The software has provisions for following types of orders as a business process:
  • Bulk order :
    • In this order type there is generally large quantity of a single item type. The pricing for bulk is also negotiated based on the quantity.
    • The software also provides for bulk pricing definitions based on slab/ client or a combination of both.
    • Provision for delivery in parts is built in the system with a widget showing pending to deliver.
  • B2B orders for dealers :
    • The system provides for B2B orders having multiple line items but lesser quantity.
    • Loading and delivery planner is very well utilised in this scenario.
  • Export orders :
    • Export orders have multiple line items and adhere to a loading plan.
    • Exports are done in multiple line items of various quantities and in software provides for multi currency support.
    • Provision for hedging is available for exports.
  • Made to stock orders.
  • Flexibilities in order management :
    • Insurance, freight, cash discounts , commissions are the other variables, which are to be a part of the price, or separately accounted for and the system allows both the scenarios.
    • The price for sales is a dynamic activity and is governed by the market demand and supply.
    • At the order level the desired multiples in terms of packaging is specified . E.G. Customized packing / standard packing are adhered to wherein there is a concept of master bag and inturn master bags can have varying capacity.
    • Other details captured at the order level are delivery destination, date, terms of payment.
    • There is a process of approval for the order. The same needs to be provided for in the system. At this level the concerned people check on the stock and other viability of the order. Once approved than the order is booked.
    • There is a process of short closing the order. The order quantity and dispatch quantity might not always be the same. As long as it is consented with due approval, the order might be short closed and the client is billed always as per actuals.
    • The system automatically shoots a mail to the client for confirmation of the approved order so that the same is logged in the system for any future reference.
  • The system has provisions for :
    • Retails sales.
    • B2B bulk sales.
    • Export sales.
  • The system has built in intelligence to understand and track the packaging requirement right from the day order is punched in.
  • As the finished rice is obtained, the system would automatically suggest the packing material and would check the availability real time from the in house stock.
  • System supports different colour coding for different types/sizes of guinny bags.
  • There is a dispatch scheduler in the system which gives pro-active information about the due dispatches for the day as per the plan.
  • The dispatch planner also takes into account the truck load capacity.
  • The system proactively alerts the dispatch department about the incoming trucks.
  • The system has full fledged seamless financial accounting.
  • Fully gst enabled.
  • Drill downable balance sheet with P & l.
  • Cost centre wise profitability.
  • Budgeting with variance.

The System Is Capable and Scalable to Automate the Following Industries

Rice Mill



Sugar Mill

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