Single and Multi-Branch Operations

Customer Management

Order Management


Inventory Management

Job Work


Invoicing With Full-fledged Financial Accounting.

RFID / Bar Code


Business Process

  • Quotes/estimates can be pulled through the system depending on the rates entered in the system.
  • The billing process in the software is seamless, fast and extremely simple to execute.
  • Simple Stone Billing Process.
    • Sales Return To Be Accounted If Applicable.
    • Advance payments.
    • Buy back credits.
    • Multi Modes Of Payments With Multi-currency Support.
  • The entire billing process after selection can be accomplished in a minute for an existing customer profile, and within one and half minutes for a new customer profile.
  • The digitally signed copy of the invoice is automatically mailed to the customer instantaneously.
  • The retail front end starts with the basics right from the day a customer profile is created with details of important events like birthdays, anniversaries getting captured.
  • The software proactively sends reminders to the customer care department about upcoming events like birthdays & anniversaries of customers.
  • This also allows customized offers to be made to the customers with special discounts on their special days.
  • The system allows the user to group family members together so that the required analysis and offers can be made based on this grouping.
  • Customer specific transactions are available at one click so that the buying pattern/ all customer queries can be answered immediately.
  • SEA helps connect to the customer at the right time with the right data.
  • The software provides for purchasing what is needed and what is selling.
  • The simplified robustness of the system allows verification at the right stage so that goods are procured reliably but in a controlled environment.
  • Stone ERP software (S.E.A) allows procurement of :
    • Diamonds,precious,semi-precious stones.
    • Dual unit of measurement is supported for stones (carats and pieces).
    • All other ancillary items like gifting or packaging.
    • Bulk buying options are duly supported.
    • Facility to create masters at the time of procurement.
  • Simple, extensive, secured and controlled is the way to go for procurement duly fulfilled by S.E.A. on the cloud.
  • System has the capability to store stones based on their specific attributes, such as category, shapes along with lot numbers.
  • System has the provision to search for inventory by stone name, stock code, vendor name, bar code.
  • Bin number Provision to search products by bin number that corresponds with the location in stores warehouse.
  • System is compatible with RFID / Barcode.
  • Provision for stock reconciliation.
  • Reporting for reconciled stock & broken stock is available.
  • The system is capable of tracking and giving visibility with transparency for exchange of items.
  • Buy backs are fully supported by the system with complete visibility and transparency on value and weight of goods.
  • The system facilitates old stone purchase – if any.
  • All the above scenarios in the system allow respective credit to the customer thus allowing them to purchase new goods with ease.
  • Orders can be booked from ready stock or master catalogue .
  • Once the customer places order / when the ordered stones are ready, they receive a text message and an email requesting them to pick up the same.
  • Stones can be issued to some outside work if required.
  • E.G.: Sometimes stones are to be issued for certification process. System has a provision to map that process of issues for the process and receipt from process along with certificate number to be attached.
  • Integrated Financial Accounting Module:
    • System has a full-fledged financial accounting module.
    • Trial balance < balance sheet and P & l can be pulled out from system.
Synergics’ ERP Softwares ranges from Jewellery ERP Suites, Stones ERP Suites to Crew Management as well as Rice Mill Management. It improves productivity as well as the profitability of the jewellery businesses. It does so by providing accurate tracking of all business transactions, comparing periodical data providing information necessary to control costs, improve customer services and generate higher profit. Our Jewellery ERP Suite and Stones ERP Suite is specifically designed to provide maximum control on diamonds and colour stones inventory. The strong security features permit view only to authorized personnel. Synergics’ ERP Suites are ready-to-use as well as customizable to meet the unique needs of the jewellery industry. The Rice Mill Management software provides 360 degree solutions to organizations with a precise production plan to the selling and distributing of products. It is one of the world’s most comprehensive ERP suites and our clientele are a testament to our success in this field.