• The system is intelligent to understand whenever a new item/ design is introduced/ entered in the system.
  • It checks if the user has selected the item to be published on the website/ third party feeds.
  • The moment both the checks are passed it generates pricing of the item based on the criteria which is pre defined.
  • It checks for the image mapping wherein the images can be stored in some other secured encrypted server.
  • The engine automatically pushes the data, intimates the corresponding publishing engine which can be magento or a customized web front.
  • The engine is fully capable of generating the price of any item on its own.
  • It also takes care of any new changes in the pricing logic.
  • The system takes care of uniform pricing across platforms or selectively different pricing as required by the user.
  • The engine simultaneously can push the same style/ design/ item considering the following conditions :
    • Standard pricing for comapny's own web front.
    • Special pricing A for market place A and pricing B for market place B.
    • Feeds for customer's website with an entirely different pricing.
  • The web engine allows the user to do component based repricing.
  • The moment the user opts for a particular diamond based on the quality / shape/ size , the system intelligently identifies the diamond in the respective style and updates the price.
  • These prices can be made live in a staging environment.
  • Once verified the prices are pushed to the live environment.
  • The engine on the same grounds for selective updating the gold prices or any other metal prices.
  • The built in facility of defining discounts with due validity comes handy for the web connect.
  • The system capable of pushing the discounts to a staging environment without the discount actually become valid/live.
  • The prices show the effect of discounts on the staging environment allowing the users to double check the impact.
  • Once validated the discounts are made live.
  • Customer master with the right details is the key to any B2C business.
  • Web connect has been designed keeping in mind 360 degree crm possibility and scalability.
  • Customer created at any source is always synced in the E.R.P thus ensuring zero duplicity.
  • Dedicated api's / connectors take care of customer data updation.
  • Uniqueness maintained in customer data ensures uniqueness across systems.
  • Analysis of data to study buying patterns of a customer is available at a click because of centralised customer data.
  • Web connect allows seamless, realtime order syncing facility.
  • The source of the orders can be any of the following :
    • Dedicated website of a customer.
    • Market places.
    • Third party websites where data is shared via feeds and an api is provided to push orders.
  • The webconnect's order sync allows all the information captured during an order to be synced :
    • Customer data.
    • Item details.
    • Any engraving or special instructions as may be shared by the customer.
    • Payment amount.
    • Delivery details.
  • Web connect has built in intelligence to understand, compare the price of the order vis a vis price pushed by the system. Any mismatches result in failure of sync thus ensuring no orders are taken below the benchmark price.
  • Throwing and receiving data from market places in india and abroad have always been challenging.
  • Web connect engine automatically throws data in the prescribed format at a click of a button.
  • The possibility of seamless data exchange is immense as the web connect accepts the file formats pushed by different companies in the maeket place:
    • Amazon india and USA.
    • Flipkart in India.
    • E- bay in India.
    • Edi connectivity for majors in USA.
  • Web connect also ensures connectivity and seamless data exchange with big chain retailers in india, to name a few :
    • Titan.
    • Caratlane.
    • Joy alukas.
  • Seamless information flow for shipments is a pre requisite in today's world.
  • Web connect enables traceability with seamless data exchange with the following mechanism :
    • Generates awb number for the shipments.
    • Shares the awb number with the web front/ market place/ third party websites through api.
    • Integrates with all major partners :
      • Blue Dart.
      • Fedex.
      • Wow Express.
      • Vamaship.
      • Sequel Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
      • Ecom Express Pvt. Ltd.
      • Delhivery Pvt. Ltd.
      • UPS.
      • Speed Post.



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