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Our platform Is Capable of Dealing With All Sorts of Jewellery Manufacturing!

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Features of Our Jewellery ERP Software

Integrated Business Solution

Synergics jewellery manufacturing software is a fully integrated manufacturing solution that includes everything from the sketch bank to production and financial accounting. It also has international automation capabilities, including multi-company features, multi-location, multi-currency support, and consolidation. The system also includes a wholesale, retail, and web-front extension of the manufacturing setup. Moreover, you can also generate full-fledged exports and manage orders.

Inventory Control & Tracking

Our jewellery management software enables you to perform a variety of operations such as tracing every item, loss tracking with benchmarks, recovery management, precision casting with gold requirements, and inventory management & valuation for gold, findings, stones, chains, consumables, and finished jewellery. Additionally, the software lets you view the cost of items sold with a single click, even in the most complex manufacturing scenarios. That's why it's the best jewellery chain manufacturing software.

Ease of Use

Synergics software for jewellery manufacturers is a workflow-based intelligent self-guiding system. The system's usability is further enhanced by implementing collaborative Google spreadsheets for data entry and exchange. The software also has a user-definable report builder with scheduling options. Moreover, the system enables you to perform several other Jewellery business-related activities such as catalogue management, workforce productivity monitoring, generating dynamic pricing based on customer and user-definable umpteen combinations, and getting approval for better control over purchases and orders.

Secured And Seamlessly Integrated System

Being one of the best jewellery manufacturing software and retail jewellery software in India, Synergics comes with a variety of advanced technical features, including RFID and barcode compatibility. The software also protects the system with OTP, whitelisted IPs, roles, and a detailed audit trail. Moreover, it can be integrated with several third-party tools and services, including Qlik, SalesForce, EDI, QuickBooks, and Tally. The software also has provisions for data exchange.

How Does Synergics Software Help Execute Jewellery Manufacturing?

Product Development

Style Master

Estimate Generation

Sales Order Booking

Stock Reservation

Vendor Management


Inventory Management

Stone Inventory Management

Step By Step Manufacturing Process

Sub Contracting ( Job Work)

Inventory Valuation

Post Manufacturing Cost Calculation

MRP Generation

Barcode Generation & Invoicing

Financial Accounting