Exquisite & Precious Stones Require Precise Visibility, Ease Of Trading & Global Trading Software

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Single and Multi-Branch Operations

Customer Management

Order Management


Inventory Management

Job Work


Invoicing With Full-fledged Financial Accounting.

RFID / Bar Code


Business Process

Billing & Estimation

  • Sales Return To Be Accounted If Applicable.
  • Advance payments.
  • Buy back credits.
  • Multi Modes Of Payments With Multi-currency Support.
Jewellery Retail CRM Software



  • Diamonds,precious,semi-precious stones.
  • Dual unit of measurement is supported for stones (carats and pieces).
  • All other ancillary items like gifting or packaging.
  • Bulk buying options are duly supported.
  • Facility to create masters at the time of procurement.
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Buy-Back / Old Stone Purchase

Order Management

Job Work

  • System has a full-fledged financial accounting module.
  • Trial balance, balance sheet and P & L can be pulled out from system.