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Top 20 Benefits of Using Retail Jewellery Software

Have you been thinking of shifting to a bigger store for your jewellery business? Are you planning to open a new branch in another city but don’t know how to organize systems and save time? Are you unable to keep tabs on the supply chain, jewellery designs and accounting? Do you want to enhance pictures in the catalogues? We have just the thing for you. Synergicssolutions offer a comprehensive solution in the form of retail jewellery software. It will help you transform your business keeping in mind your unique needs. 

Our jewellery software is a game changer and let us walk you through each benefits and features!

Benefits of Jewellery Retail Software

Multi Modes of Payments 

Give multiple options of payments to your customers. The retail jewellery software, even comes with advance payments, sales return and multi currency options. 

Automated Invoices

Digital signed copies of invoices are automatically mailed to the customer through jewellery invoicing software instantaneously making your business more reliable. 

Customer Retention

The software is equipped with integrated  customer loyalty management. Shopping rewards are easily redeemable by the customer at check out and also updated automatically boosting customer retention.

Automated Reminders

CRM management strategically sends reminders about upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries of customers. Your business can now give customized offers with special discounts to your customers on their important occasions. 

Missed Potential Analysis

 Retail jewellery software will duly record any walk-ins with their requirements keeping your lost opportunity at minimum. It proactively  records follow-up dates against individual salespeople.

Salesperson Performance Analytics

H4  You can  analyze a salesperson’s performance at the end of each month, improving sales through jewellery appraisal software. A summary made of wins and misses of every salesperson is also prepared.

Buy Back Transparency

The online software facilitates transparency by sharing estimated price as per the valuation while buy-backs. The software can track exchanges that can be for lifetime or a definite period of time.

Effortless Made-to-Order Management

Take custom orders by showing full catalogs or customer’s design ideas. The mechanism allows sharing design images at stages of an order completion to increase engagement. Upon order completion Jewellery order management system sends SMS and email to customers.

Total Repair Management

All kinds of repairs are made available through the Jewellery repair tracking software. Capable in calculating labor and material cost it even tracks the whole repair process with status. Customers are notified via email or SMS upon order completion.  

Layaway Support

Book special orders for special days easily with Layaway support of retail jewellery software. The deposits can even be linked or delinked as needed from one order to another order. 

Real-time Checks and Balances

The Jewellery Accounting Software shows payables and receivables in real-time. The ledgers can even be made in multiple currencies.Metal balances are available with one click.

Dynamic and Flexible Pricing

Jewellery pricing software provides for flexible pricing strategies. Simplified with the robust formula builder engine using a wizard-based approach, software covers for all aspects of jewellery retailing. 

Master of Jewellery Creation

The retail jewellery software allows the most complex definitions of BOM to extend to 100s of rows. Attach multiple images and even videos to the master definition, which is available at one click. The most complex attributes can be outlined easily at a click.

Financial Accounting

Our jewellery retailing software has built-in financial accounting. Petty cash management is an integral part of the software. Profit and loss balance sheets are fully navigable.

Inventory management system

The Jewellery inventory management system supports weighted average as the standard valuation mechanism. Every piece,cent and gram is traceable in the system. All of this can be accessed with a single click across location-wise inventory, specific barcodes or a complete inventory.

Multiple Branch Management

The software is equipped with multi branch/ multi location management. Sales in other branches are reflected in real time by the software. It even reflects stocks between locations. Gift vouchers once redeemed by customers are invalidated for other branches. 

Choice in Delivery Location

Further bank on customer satisfaction and retention by giving choice in delivery . Customers can choose jewellery in one location and take delivery at their preferred location.

Subcontract Management

Now you can have complete control of your production cycle. The software facilitates subcontracting/ outsourced manufacturing order wise. The software defines and tracks wastage of materials for settlement. Labor payouts can be standardized across subcontractors. 

Barcode/RFID Enabled Jewellery

Jewellery retail software works seamlessly with barcodes / RFID tags giving the freedom of scanning pieces on any device, anytime and anywhere. New prices are automatically reflected when there is a price change.

WOW Effect

The software is designed in a way to give a wow effect to the end user while being dependable for the business. It is capable of creating an ecosystem where every aspect of supply chain and customer management biomes are seamlessly integrated. 

If you are still confused wait until your read the amazing features of our retail jewellery software

 Range of Features

 Jewellery Billing & Estimation:

Our jewellery billing software simplifies the complex process of jewellery billing and estimation. The interface and its advanced features let you generate accurate bills, saving time and keeping things transparent for you.

 Procurement Management:

Your business needs to effectively manage different vendors for raw materials or finished goods. An efficient supply chain management is propeller for a successful business. With retail jewellery software you get a procurement management module which significantly optimizes your business. Timely availability of materials, cost reduction, and elimination of stockouts will be taken care of by the software seamlessly.

Subcontractor Management:

With jewellery Store Management software you can also manage subcontractor manufacturers. Timely tracking and delivering finished goods will help you boost sales and in turn establish your reputation.

Single Stores/ Multi Branch Support:

Management of your stores in different locations or if you are planning to open a new store in a different location; retail jewellery software will let you manage all your locations from one centralized system, with continuous operations and real-time data synchronization. It also keeps the communication across all branches streamlined.

Third Party Integration:

Businesses need expansion on various e-commerce platforms for more business and with it comes the laborious task of accounting. With  jewellery software your business can integrate all of your third-party integrations in one place. The smooth flow of data will eliminate repeated efforts and will boost your operations.

Customer Loyalty Management:

A business needs its customer’s loyalty and faith to excel. A business with strong customer relationships is bound to grow. Retail jewellery software has a customer loyalty management feature that helps you track customer’s preferences to improve satisfaction and repeat business with them.

Built-in CRM

A fully functional built-in Jewllery CRM Software which can be customized to your jewellery business. You can manage customer interactions, track leads and provide exceptional service with Jewellery store management software.

Style Master BOM Creation:

Now streamline your jewellery manufacturing process with Style Master Bill of Materials creation feature conveniently. Create accurate and detailed BOMs for different styles consistently, precisely and efficiently with Jewellery manufacturing software.

Design/SKU Management:

Jewellery design software comes with a design and SKU management module where you can easily organize and manage jewellery designs. You can track inventory levels, pricing and variations in designs giving you complete control on inventory and decision making.


Repair Management:

Jewellery repair tracking software provides repair management  to build a deeper customer loyalty; lets you track repair orders and repair workflow resulting in faster turnaround times.

Buy Back/ Old Gold Exchange/ Schemes:

Precious metal management is important and needs to be maintained with accurate records. Retail jewellery software manages all of the records and lets you run buy-back schemes with your customers.

Rich & Organized Cataloging:

A rich and enticing showcase of your products attracts more customers. Retail jewellery software lets you present your products in an enticing and organized manner. The cataloging feature will help you with quality images, detailed descriptions and efficient categorization, providing an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.


Synergics Solutions has a primary focus on cutting-edge technological features and reliability. Retail Jewellery Software simplifies billings, procurement management and greatly improves customer satisfaction. We believe in delivering what is best for you and your customer. Experience the remarkable features and take your business up a notch. 

Book a call with our expert for a one -on- one consultation and demonstration of all the features and benefits. Let Synergic Solutions work its magic while you wow the customers with your beautiful jewellery. 

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